Privacy Policy

Your data privacy is important to us. So, this privacy statement assures you that we will never misuse your personal in any possible way. This data will never be leaked by us to any third party organization. In this privacy policy statement, we explain how we collect data from you and how we use this data. Here you will find the purposes and processes of this data collection.

Data Collection Process

We collect your personal data from you through our online interaction. Otherwise, when you contact with us for getting the support we may ask for your personal data like user’s name, Microsoft office product’s activation code, registered contact no or email id etc personal identifiable data. Sometimes, you provide some data directly, while sharing your experiences about our products. We may ask for your personal data to activate our many products. If you decline to provide this required data then you cannot use these products. To precede the transaction request data collection is also required for us. But you never have to be worry also about data breaching and leaking due to our tight security.

Purposes of data collection

We use the collected personal data to understand your user experiences with office products. According to your recommendations and opinion, we develop and improve our products. While troubleshooting, updating your products we may use your personal information. We make an Office user’s database with your provided data for marketing purpose. We may advertise about our upcoming products, special offers by having some promotional communication then we may use your data to contact you.

We also use the collected data for researching, developing the workforce, operating our business strategy. Sometimes we also analyze the product’s performance based on your personal opinion. In Microsoft office the data providing is optional. If you do not want to share your personal information during a survey you may choose decline option. You can be assured that maintaining the privacy of your personal data is our prime goals. You can rely on us and you can be confident that we keep your data absolutely protected. Also, we maintain the data privacy law so if any user does not sign on the agreement and contract then we will terminate the interaction between user and Microsoft office. In this case, we also notify the user while terminating.   So, you can share your opinion, recommendation along with your personal data without any hesitation when asked for it. When you allow us to access your private data then basically you are helping us to be improved and developed while coming with the new version of Microsoft office products.