Best way to solve Activation Errors in Microsoft Office

There are many reasons which are responsible for Microsoft Office Activation errors. While installing MS Office the activation procedure may be failed due to unlicensed products or if you already have installed multiple copies of MS office products. These types’ activation errors may disable most of the features of MS Office. To activate MS office properly, and restore all the features of MS office you have to fix these errors and problems.

Activation Errors in Microsoft Office

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Here we have compiled all of the solving methods that may help you to activate your Office products by fixing all types of activation errors.

Troubleshoot to Sign In or Log In – If you are a new user then you have to create a new account on website by entering the all required details. If you are already registered with us then you can skip the Sign-In process. Then you should go to the website, where you can log in to your account directly.

Repair MS Office – To fix the multiple copies issue, you have to ensure that you do not install multiple copies of this product from ‘Program and Features’ option of the control panel.

Activation errors may come for corrupted program files. Then you can repair this issue also from Control Panel’s ‘Program and Features’ toolbox, in this way –

Firstly, right-click on ‘Microsoft Office’ tools.

Secondly, choose the ‘Repair’ option from the drop-down list.

Fix Permission Issue – Sometime any products can’t get activated if it doesn’t get permission for installing and activating on your computer. In this case, you should run an office program such as MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint as an administrator, by following these steps –

1. Type Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint in the search bar, and press Enter key

2. Right-click on it

3. Click on ‘Run as administrator’ option.

4. Select ‘Yes’

Adjust the date and Time – If the date and time of your computer do not set correctly, errors may come in the activation process of a product. Get it corrected –

• Locate the ‘Time and date’ icon on the taskbar

• Right-click on it

• Fix it properly with present date or time

Otherwise, go through (Start>Settings>Time and Language) this steps and ensure the Time Zone is correct also the Date and Time are displayed correctly.

Disable the Proxy Servers – The Microsoft’s website may be unable to connect your proxy server, then it has been configured MS Office incorrectly. You can disable your VPN in this way –

1. Click on Start menu

2. Then go to the settings

3. Click on ‘Network and Internet’

4. Select Proxy

5. Off the ‘Automatically detect settings’

Disable Antivirus temporarily – Your antivirus may block the Microsoft’s website; then, you have to disable it for a short time period by these steps –

• Right-click on your Antivirus Program Icon

• Select the ‘Disable Auto-Protect’

• Set the Time period

• Click on ‘Ok’

By following these methods and steps you can fix all of the activation errors yourself. If till you have any problem just contact with the technicians.

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